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Viking Mini Loader Widths -Skinny Tires

Viking Mini Loader with Skinny Tyres & Bucket Hire

Mini Loader Hire has researched what the user needs the most! And the decision by most major hire companies to buy the cheapest machines available IE: Toro Dingo, or Dingo and Kangas base models All-rounder and the warrior may be a good decision financially according to their accountant, but clearly is not in the best interest of the consumer! These machines have slow wheel -speed, they are slow in every way, arms and buckets and lack any serious digging force!  The team MLH have invested in the best equipment available, the 100% Australian Made VKML.

Value and machine performance:

The common belief of hire yard owners is; "Price is what counts and performance means nothing?!" We believe that performance is more important than saving $5k on the purchase, and the benefits are clear.

Wheel and operational speed:

50 metres from the front yard to the back yard carrying spoil, at 5 KPH that distance will take approximately 30% longer than it would on A MLH Viking Mini Loader. (8KPH) any business owner and home renovator knows that time is money, so MLH's Viking is by far the best choice for moving material in tight access applications.

Access and suitability to modern backyards:

Again the team at MLH was concerned why 90% of hire companies offer machines that are over 1100mm wide? Now given the ever shrinking access to back yards and the obviously sized 1000mm standard side gates that most domestic houses have, it begs the question as to why they offer machines that DO NOT FIT THROUGH STANDARD GATES! Now we know why, because sub 1000mm wide machines are more expensive to buy. Sometimes $5-6k more!

The Viking Mini Loader is poultry 950mm wide! And a minute 740mm with skinny wheels! The benefits are obvious; the Viking goes through a standard gate without modification! And the Viking goes through a 790mm or 820mm garage door with skinny wheel option! Only a wheel barrow can beat that.

Lift Height and Capacity:

Lift height and capacity is just as important as wheel speed, and again the discount machine buyer who invests the minimum purchase price cost Toro's and basic K93 Dingo's and Kanga's only gets 1400-1500mm of lift height not to mention between 200-250Kg of lift capacity.

So what does this mean to the operator; it means the budget choice machines, Dingo, Toro, Kangas, cannot load a 6 or 7 cubic metre tip truck or even a large 10 cubic metre skip bin! The consumer suffers by the cost savings measures that the thrifty hire shop owner makes. Mini Loader Hire, again makes a choice which favours the operator, the Viking Workmate and Tradesman have 2100mm of dump height and 350-400Kg lift capacity. Again great productivity gain around 30-40%.

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